Tourist Kit

This kit includes magnets in 8 different languages, warning the locals of a travelling tourist.
Magnets are in English, Estonian, Russian, German, French, Finnish, Spanish and Italian.  

* Magnet attaches to the body of your car
* It does no damage in any way.
* Measurements are 21x15 cm ( 8.3x5.9 inches) and you can even cut them to your own liking.
* Magnet stays on your car very well, just follow the simple instructions.
* Before you place the magnet on your car, clean and dry the desired area.
* Before you buy, be sure to check and make sure the desired area is magnetic. We recommend using a regular refrigerator magnet to test this.
* Great gift idea!
* We recommend removing the magnet in extreme weather conditions and when going through the car wash.
* Our designs belong to Business Beaver OÜ. The use of any image from this site is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained.